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My son took piano lessons with Miss Barbara for 3 years. He isn't always easy to work with but Miss Barbara was able to find creative ways to help him through. He learned so much in the time he was able to spend with Miss Barbara. She worked with him at his own pace, he and I both appreciated that! She has such a great personality and even temperament, lessons were always pleasant. - Darci F.

About Piano Lessons

As a base curriculum we teach "Piano Pronto" series for all traditional and adult students. Piano study is supplemented to include classical, contemporary, jazz, and popular selections. Tooled with theory, technique, and other essential piano fundamentals, students are encouraged to play music they love!

The door is always open for parents to attend their student's lessons. Parents never miss out with a brief progress email after lessons if I'm not able to meet with them in person. Learning to play piano is a journey that includes the 3-way triangle of parent, teacher, and student.

Practice Incentive Programs

Fall is the beginning of a new studio year which means new competitions and studio challenges. Programs are based to send home practice principles and what to do between lessons. During the year, the focus is on the whole musician and how to get there!

Lesson Plans

Planned and written out for each lesson, assignments include theory, challenges and suggestions for practice each week. A variety of musical concepts are introduced as units throughout the year and include sightreading, composing, theory and more.

Challenges and Contests

There's always something going on in the studio! Contests include: 30 piece challenge; E"fish"ent practice challenges (winners bring home a Beta fish); The Great Sightreading Challenge; and more.

Piano students meet and set goals to be on the ever popular "Student of the Month" list and be featured on the "Wall of Fame".

Students learn a little music history with fulfilling a monthly "Composer of the Month" challenge and learn the works of the masters.


Educational music apps challenge rhythm, music theory, note reading, and sight reading skills. I'm always looking for the best out there!

As a courtesy, a subscription to the popular ios Piano Maestro app is paid for by the studio and gifted to students for home use. This app supports method books used in lessons, technical excercises, and has an ever growing library of fun songs to learn.