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Working with the Heart and Soul Music Studio was a great experience! Barbara is such a talented lady. I took voice lessons from her, and I have improved so much since then! The progress is noticeable almost immediately, and she knows how to have fun. She is kind to all her students, and it’s a great way to spend your time. I would definitely recommend her if you are looking to take music lessons.-Angela F.

Taking Voice Lessons from Heart and Soul Music Studio Has It's Perks!

Walking into the studio room, you may see everything piano - look again! Voice students participate in studio wide challenges such as the 30 piece song challenge, Wall of Fame requirements, Composer of the Month reports, Studio art contests, camps and workshops, and more!

Lesson Plans

Vocal warmups are based on "Winning Warmups For the Voice" by Kathleen VanDeGraff and philosophies from "The Full Voice Workbook" by Nikki Loney/Mim Adams, as well as other studio resources covering comprehensive technique and pedagogy for the classical, country, jazz or pop singer.

Each student works from a standard base songbook (musical theatre, pop, jazz or classical). Additionally, lessons are geared towards the music you like to sing - so be ready with suggestions!

Expect to learn more about vocal health, performance readiness, music theory, rhythm, sightreading, composition, and knowledge of music history. Why are these important? My goal as your voice teacher is to help you develop an appreciation for music, hone your skills, and have the ability to reach your potential. By developing the "whole" musician and helping you to refine skills, you will become a better musician and able to independantly handle auditions, performances, and anything you set your mind to do.

Technology in the Studio

Have a song that's a little out of your range? Enter "The Amazing Slower Downer" program that has the capability of changing speed and pitch. Apps I use are interchangeable with my piano students so don't be alarmed if I pull "Piano Maestro" out. This is a great sight reading tool for my singers as well. Test your sense of rhythm with another favorite here in the studio, "The Most Addicting Sheep Game".

Lessons are recorded using a Yeti USB microphone and Recorder Plus HD technology and then emailed to you for practice. The studio has the ability to amplify your Smart phone or ios device as well.