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Composer Biography and Listening Resources

www.classicsforkids.com Supported by Cincinnati Public Radio, includes composer biographies and listening clips as well as related shows.

www.dsokids.com Sponsored by the Dallas Symphony, this is a great site to access composer music for listening projects.

www.makingmusicfun.net Good source for one page composer bios, color pages, puzzles and more!

www.classicfm.com Interesting composer facts, biography, and quick fact video guides.

www.52composers.com Profiles of the great composers.

Resources for Singers

http://www.vocapedia.info/ A very comprehensive collection of articles, tips for all things vocal.

www.domenicoproducts.com Purchase “Winning Warmups of the Voice” CDs and other resources used in our studio.

www.judyrodman.com This is a great blog full of resources for any singer at any level!

Resources for Musicians in Training

Apps, apps, and more apps!

Start here by reading a letter to Parents about iPads and using apps.

www.claviercompanion.com Clavier Companion magazine lists of some of the top music apps out there!

www.musiceducatorresources.com There's an app for that - anything musical that is!

For reviews and up to date listings of Android apps, visit www.udystudio.com

No electronic devices? No problem! Here's a few recommendations for online fun and review games.

Isle of Tune game Building with music theory concepts, this is like Minecraft for the musician! This game is available in an app or you can play online.

http://www.musictheory.net/exercises Tenuto is a frequently used app to drill everything music theory in our studio and here’s the PC version!