What others have to say about Heart and Soul Music Studio!

Outstanding instruction! I started taking Voice Lessons with Barbara to both develop a singing voice and to better utilize and project my voice for business presentations in front of large groups and when giving training. Barbara's tutelage has been invaluable. Her training has given me more confidence as well as vocal staying power. I was especially impressed that she individually tailored the exercises and lessons to both suit my current voice limitations and continually changed the lessons to keep my voice challenged as I improved. Her voice lessons were definitely not a text book “one size fits all” blueprint. I highly recommend her. - Tony B.

My two children took piano lessons from Barbara. They are 7 and 10. She works very well with young children, and they learned quite a bit with her. We would have stayed with her as an instructor, but she relocated. I would recommend her for young children who are starting their piano studies. - Paula W.

I started my lessons in my junior year of college. I had never take vocal lessons before, I've always been a shy and closed person although my family is very big and musical. I started taking lessons to help open up more and become more confident in singing and presenting myself. Barbara is an absolutely amazing instructor. I took her for voice lessons for a little less than year and she provides and experience that will draw you back. She is always happy and cheerful and after a stressful week you get to unleash with singing and a very positive person. The price of vocal lessons are affordable and Barbara is flexible and does her best to ensure that you get the most out of your lessons and time with her. She is very knowledgeable in the body and with different vocal exercises to help relax and open up your voice. Her lessons have given me more confidence in my singing and has helped to open up my personality. - Jameelah A.