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Summer 2018 Programs

Join up for summer camp or take a few lessons. Opportunities to learn a new skill during the summer are plentiful. So if you have a budding musician wanting to try out piano or voice, this is the perfect time!

Summer Camp

Music of the World Camp: June 5th and 6th, 2018; 1:00 p.m. to 5:15 p.m. both days
In this 2 day camp, campers will learn about music around the world and create some interesting instruments. Come join us as we explore China, South America, Australia, and Africa! Best to dress casual with a t-shirt that's not afraid to get dirty.
Campers will bring their own brown bag lunches; Drinks, a light snack, and camp supplies are provided. No music background necessary. For ages 6 to 15 years.

Piano Instruction

Summer piano lessons are 45 minute lessons for ages 5 and up who would like a musical experience but do not want to commit to full time lessons without testing it out first. Students will learn about rhythm, pitch, intervals, patterns, keyboard geography and building a music vocabulary through off the bench musical activities. Lessons are scheduled a la carte during June through the first week of August. Books may be purchased through the studio. Requirement: Full size 88 key weighted, touch sensitive keyboard or acoustic piano at home.
$37.50 per lesson

Voice Instruction

Summer voice lessons are 45 minute lessons for ages 8 and up. Lessons are full of games, activities and repertoire and perfect for readying the voice for performances, auditions, or just simply the journey of strengthening the singing voice. Lessons are scheduled a la carte during June through the first week of August. Books and materials may be suggested for you to purchase.
$37.50 per lesson

Ready to make music a part of your summer? Register today!

Summer Program Registration

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